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Seeds from the company NaturFoods is always natural, environmentally friendly, tasty and healthy product of high quality.

In seeds, more specifically in the nuclei of sunflower seeds contain dietary fiber needed for proper functioning of the intestines. Saturated fatty acids contained in the nuclei of sunflower and pumpkin help to reduce cholesterol.

We have for sale sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, peeled and unpeeled and much more ...


You can buy Seeds wholesale products by Naturfoods company using:
Image Name Manufacture Packadge
Sunflower seeds peeled Ukraine kg
Pumpkin seeds in shell Ukraine kg
Pumpkin seeds peeled Ukraine kg

The company LTD "NATIMPEX"
   The company LTD "NATIMPEX"(Naturfoods) - Main business activities: production, wholesale and retail sale of weight and packaged nuts, dried fruits, as well as selling the ingredients to the food industry.

     Products imported from 25 countries. Reliable suppliers, long-term contracts, its own purchasing and procurement stations ensure the quality of raw materials, stable supply and competitive prices.

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