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cashew 320

    Name: cashew 320

    Manufacture: Vietnam

    Packadge: Package, 22,68 kg



Cashews or Indian nuts - the tree, the fruit of which is a common staple food; species of the genus Anakardium family sumach. Homeland nuts - Brazil.

Cashew easily gives cultural cultivation than successful and enjoyed Ticuna Indians residing on the territory of modern Brazil. They used the bark, leaves, fruit tree in a variety of not only culinary, purposes.

The fruits of walnut-like, edible kernel; shell extract oil-kazhu (kardoyl) used in medicine and technology. Peduncle, overgrown as pears, eat (the so-called apple-kazhu). Cashew nuts are raw material for producing high-quality oil.


Cashew fruits consist essentially of two parts: the so-called apple and cashew nut itself - on top of the cashew apple is a seed in the hard shell. Cashew - the world's only nut that ripens not inside the fruit, and the outside.

Cashews are rich in proteins and carbohydrates, vitamins A, B2, B1 and iron, contain zinc, phosphorus, calcium. Vitamins promote the exchange of proteins and fatty acids in the body and lowering blood cholesterol levels, strengthen the immune system, ensure the normal operation of the cardiovascular system. As an aid, these nuts are used for toothache, psoriasis, malnutrition, metabolic disturbances, anemia.


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