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Dried cherries, pitted (large)

    Name: Dried cherries, pitted (large)

    Manufacture: China

    Packadge: Package, 12,5 kg

    Size: (крупная)

Country of origin:

Cherry - a valuable dietary product that improves the appetite and helps anemic. Dried cherries is claimed confectionery raw materials, widely used for the preparation of cakes, desserts and other delicacies.


Red or dark red fruits cherries are ordinary pleasant sweet-sour taste in their pulp contains many useful substances, organic acids (malic, citric, succinic, salicylic, etc..), Minerals and trace elements (calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, , potassium, lots of copper), pectin -up 11%, enzymes, sugar - up to 15%, nitrogen, tannins and dyes, vitamins A, C, PP, folic acid, anthocyanins.

Useful properties

Cherry - a valuable dietary product, improves appetite, an effective means for the treatment of anemia with low hemoglobin. Especially valuable cherry fruit gives the content of coumarin with a predominance oksikumarina that contribute to the normalization of blood clotting. Consequently, the consumption of a cherry fruit prevents infarctions associated with ducation clots. Particularly valuable dried berries content of pectin, which bind heavy metals in the human intestine and remove them from the body. Therefore, for the prevention of occupational diseases dried berries are encouraged to include in your daily diet.

Country of origin: China


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