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Sun-dried peach - China

    Name: Sun-dried peach - China

    Manufacture: China

    Packadge: Package, 12,5 kg


Dried peaches

One of the most delicious and healthy dried fruits - peach sun-dried. Even in this form, it sends all the taste and benefits of delicious summer fruit. Although it is growing in the subtropics, but you can buy wholesale peach and Ukraine - in our store. Used as a standalone dessert or additive for baking. Importing country - China. Dried peach wholesale - in boxes of 12.5 kg.

Peach stands out among other fruits for its high taste and exclusive use. Peach fruits are rich in vitamins and carbohydrates, and are recommended to the sick and exhausted as a nutrient and tonic.


Traditionally considered the birthplace of peach Iran. The name "peach" refers to Persia. This is one of the most important fruit crops subtropical and warm temperate countries.

Useful properties

Peaches stand out among other fruits for its high taste. They are rich in vitamins and carbohydrates. They recommend that patients and depleted as a nutrient and tonic. Peaches contain a lot of potassium, so they need to have patients with heart disease, with cardiac arrhythmias.

Due to the complex of vitamins A, C and peach recommended for increased susceptibility to colds: they help the body to adapt to adverse environmental conditions


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