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Dried apricots Isfarak

    Name: Dried apricots Isfarak

    Manufacture: Tajikistan

    Packadge: kg



The main industrial suhofruktovy apricot cultivar most parts of the Fergana region, the Uzbek SSR, and the surrounding areas of the Kirghiz SSR (Uch-Kurgan et al.). Old variety of local origin, called the village of Isfara, where were obviously taken apricot, which occurred from planting this variety. By type of fruit Isfarak quite close to Isfara Hurmai grade, although it has significant differences from it. Widespread and popular in the southern part of the Fergana Valley was the variety, in addition to high
dry-fruit qualities, mainly also because the fruit thereof solely firmly attached to the branches, the tree are dried well and did not crumble almost complete drying up in the tree. No wind, so common in this part of the valley during ripening apricot, are not afraid of that variety. Such a strong attachment of the fruit made ​​it possible to promote a culture of apricot in open areas with strong winds. On the other hand, this feature allows you to delay as long as possible on the fruit trees, which accumulate during the drying of a high percentage of sugar, give a very high yield of dried product of good quality


 Fruit average or below average size (35h35x33 mm, average weight 2.7 g), rounded, substantially laterally compressed, with slightly more strongly developed abdominal side, in comparison with the backrest. Peel shortly pubescent, yellow-orange, sometimes with a slight pinkish-orange tan on the illuminated side; rather thin, but dense, when ripe fruit is dried and winces from the sides.    The flesh is orange colored, dense,little juicy, without any signs of powdery, sweet, with a distinct  acidity and a slight odor. Stone is a medium-sized (11.5 mm 23h20h, average weight 2.7 g) is the total weight of 10 fruit, quite correctly rounded oval, with slightly acuminate apex with rough rough surface, oftencracks on the ventral suture. Fills the entire cavity, but well separated from the pulp. Seed sweet.


 Features of the varieties of close to it by the type of grade Hurmai has a more subtly branchy at a young age slumped. Crown, smaller leaves, a greater ability to withering fruit on the tree. More rounded shape of the fruit and seed and more dense and lighter colored flesh.


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