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Compote mixture

    Name: Compote mixture

    Manufacture: Tajikistan

    Packadge: kg



Dried fruits - it's just a storage room of substances that are unique in their use, because they retain most of the vitamins and minerals contained in fresh fruit before drying them. Dried fruit is very concentrated and because of this they are very sweet and high-calorie, but the sugar in them is useful, unlike regular sugar, it's all the glucose and fructose, and the calories in dried fruits are solely for the benefit of the body.

  Very healthy Compote mixture, because they comprised several components of dried fruits, each with their own unique healing properties, with its composition of vitamins and minerals in their composition is not present a single gram of excess fat. This "vitamin shot" in the body, essential for the treatment of many diseases, particularly cardiovascular, and immune system of a healthy person for excellent support. What are the dried fruit may be included in mixtures Compote? Well, of course, first of all, it's the raisins and dried apricots and prunes, apples, pears. Therefore Compote mixture of Uzbekistan - is not only extremely useful vitamin and mineral mixtures, but also eco-friendly products, from dried natural fruit.

Compote mixture designed to prepare healthy, delicious and very easy to prepare dessert - compote of dried fruits, which can be called a traditional drink for many people. In addition to dried fruit compote is very widely used in canteens kindergartens and schools, medical institutions, as well as in most organizations catering. In this regard, there is a steady demand for inexpensive but high quality and delicious Compote mixture.

In this sense, Compote mixture of Uzbekistan could not be more fit the bill, why they are so widely used for export to other countries, where it is simply impossible to find anything similar in taste and sustainability.

Compote of dried fruits - is not only a unique cocktail of essential body of any person of vitamins and minerals, but also a great supplement to the daily menu, the caloric intake of not greatly increased, and as we know, the calories extracted from dried fruits, are only benefit greatly enriched diet. Based on the foregoing, it is fair to note that a mixture of dried fruit compote is very suitable for the diet, and in periods of shortage of vitamins, first of all, it is about winter, will become an indispensable source of missing vitamins and minerals.

Moreover, Compote mixture are not terribly expensive, afford to buy them can practically everyone, without prejudice to its own budget. Properly constructed Compote mixtures best grades fully retain the flavor and taste of all components as well as their color and with all the vitamins minerals. Compote of such mixtures obtained the most delicious and rich, not only in taste but also in nutritional value, compote.

Knowing about the high quality of dried fruit Compote mixtures of Uzbekistan, foreign buyers tend to get just such a product, so in many countries is so great the demand for imports of dried fruit is from Uzbekistan.

Nutritional value per 100 g of product:

  • Energy: 167kDzh / 40kkal.,
  • Protein - 0.9g.,
  • all - 12,1g.,
  • Fat: 0.3g.


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