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Grocery and retail
  • You want to have a high turnover?
  • You need a stable assortment of products necessary for you?
  • Do you want to receive goods at attractive prices and have a high quality of supplied products?

NaturFoods, having extensive experience with national and regional retailers, has developed unique ways of cooperation

We guarantee:

High turnover products

In practice, while working with retailers, we see that our product has a very high turnover! Products sold by weight, placed in tanks for self catering. Also packed in the original packaging "NaturFoods" different weights, which are very popular among buyers. The conditions for the production of packaging under private labels of retail networks have several conclusive advantages in comparison with other manufacturers.

The widest assortment of nuts, dried fruits and candied fruits on the Ukrainian market

Our range of about 300 items of products from 25 countries. We frequently add new products assortment of, track new trends, forecast and form consumer demand.

The volume of deliveries to the stores: "as required"

Each of your order will be staffed by 100%. The professional team is constantly monitoring the current situation in the market, which allows us to forecast demand for the entire product range of products and always have the appropriate position in the stock in the required quantity.

Reliability of deliveries in the shops: "In time"

Extensive experience with retailers allowed us to develop an optimal logistics system.

Competitive prices

For you, we will always find the best option.

The company LTD "NATIMPEX"
   The company LTD "NATIMPEX"(Naturfoods) - Main business activities: production, wholesale and retail sale of weight and packaged nuts, dried fruits, as well as selling the ingredients to the food industry.

     Products imported from 25 countries. Reliable suppliers, long-term contracts, its own purchasing and procurement stations ensure the quality of raw materials, stable supply and competitive prices.

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