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Recipes of nuts and dried fruits

Dried fruits, cooked with all the rules, are rich in vitamins and trace elements, which is especially important for those who are watching their health. Dried fruits and berries - a useful alternative to sweets, in addition, to quench the hunger need a very small dose to temporarily extinguish the appetite and not to harm the figure. Dried fruits are great for preparation of compotes, for filling in baking or as an addition to salads, meat and fish.

Nuts in addition to high palatability very flexible to use. Nuts are often used for baking or desserts. However, very tasty obtained meat and fish dishes with peanut sauce or dish of minced meat with the addition of nuts. Here are just some of the walnut recipes.

The company LTD "NATIMPEX"
   The company LTD "NATIMPEX"(Naturfoods) - Main business activities: production, wholesale and retail sale of weight and packaged nuts, dried fruits, as well as selling the ingredients to the food industry.

     Products imported from 25 countries. Reliable suppliers, long-term contracts, its own purchasing and procurement stations ensure the quality of raw materials, stable supply and competitive prices.

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