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Useful diet to dried fruits
Diet for dried fruits requires careful selection of the main ingredient menu. It is best to buy the product, packaged in a sealed package.

Diet for a sweet tooth
The hardest part is sat on a diet for the sweet tooth. Those who can not live a day in order not to eat cakes, biscuits, chocolate, jam, candies ... And suddenly abandon it all, go for vegetables and soup?

The three-day diet nut
Nutritionists promise to get rid of 2-3 pounds in three days.

Councils of doctors

Why doctors recommend eating dried fruits
All dried fruits contain high amounts of potassium, necessary for normal functioning of the heart, as well as organic acids and trace elements.

Nuts make Alzheimer disease retreat
Nuts and seeds can help maintain mental sharpness to old age, say scientists

The company LTD "NATIMPEX"
   The company LTD "NATIMPEX"(Naturfoods) - Main business activities: production, wholesale and retail sale of weight and packaged nuts, dried fruits, as well as selling the ingredients to the food industry.

     Products imported from 25 countries. Reliable suppliers, long-term contracts, its own purchasing and procurement stations ensure the quality of raw materials, stable supply and competitive prices.

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